Aagosh is an Open-faith Spiritual and Cultural Centre, helping you tune and balance your ‘inner world’ with the ‘outer world’. We are a platform where you can share your life learnings and experiences with like-minded people from all walks of life.

As a Centre of Love, Learning, and Celebration, Aagosh provides:

    1. Sessions in Healing, Well-being & Learning
    1. Courses in Spirituality, Self-Development & Leadership
  1. Workshops/Classes/Events in Fine Arts, Celebration and much more.

Aagosh – An Embrace of Love, Learning & Celebration.

LOVE – Unconditional Giving in Every Thought, Word and Act. Aagosh aims to bring you closer to your true nature.

LEARNING – is the only way mankind evolves. It keeps you young by heart and mind. Aagosh is there to help us grow to our next level in life.

CELEBRATION – Life is a Celebration and Aagosh leads you to this joy everyday.

To make the world a better place through our Initiatives, Activities, Contributions and Sharings which go a long way in bringing our hearts together.

From A Drop to An Ocean An Embrace transforming all it touches with Love, Learning and Celebration.