Aagosh is an open-faith Spiritual and Cultural Centre, helping you to harmonize and balance your ‘inner world’ and ‘outer world’. We are a platform for sharing ‘learnings’ and ‘experiences’ with like-minded people, from all around the world.

Aagosh is an embrace of Love, Learning and Celebration. We provide:

I. Sessions in Healing, Well-being & Learning.

II. Courses in Spirituality, Self-Development & Leadership.

III. Workshops / Classes / Events in Fine Arts, Celebration and much more.


Aagosh is an Embrace of Love, Learning & Celebration.

LOVE, Unconditional Giving in Every Thought Word and Act. Aagosh aims to brings you closer to our true nature.

LEARNING is only way mankind evolves. Keeps you young at heart and mind. Aagosh is there to help you grow to your our next level in life.

CELEBRATION   Life is a Celebration and Aagosh leads you to joy everyday.


To make the world a better place through our Initiatives, Activities, Contributions and Sharings which go a long way in bringing hearts together.


From A Drop to An Ocean An Embrace transforming all it touches with Love, Learning and Celebration.

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