Dear Practitioner, if you have a burning desire to help humanity and grow as a professional, if you’re looking for a platform and collaboration opportunity to take your practice to next level, we welcome you to Aagosh Practitioners’ Forum(APF) with open arms.

Following are some unique features and offerings this forum has in store for you. Please go through them, and if it resonates with you feel free to get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to help you.

Learning and Networking: APF provides you an excellent platform for upgrading your skills and networking opportunity with the fraternity through Collaborated learning seminars, regular Workshops and meets.

No Membership Fee: APF membership is absolutely free. All we ask for is your commitment to help each other grow.

Discounted Charges*: As a member you’ll be entitled to special discounts on rentals and other services.

An established Platform: Aagosh offers two centers with facilities like Seminar Halls, Meditation Rooms, 2.5 Acre retreat, Open air stage ; all located in well connected areas of north Delhi region. An ideal location to conduct your workshops and sessions.

Collaboration Possibilities*: APF members will always be given priority in planning joint programmes.


Uday Singh is a dynamic coach, motivational speaker and trainer since 2007. He is a certified International Trainer, NLP practitioner, certified Matrix re-imprinting practitioner and Breakthrough coach. He is passionate to share his coaching skills that bring real transformation in peoples personal and professional life.

He conducts seminars and workshops on leadership, self esteem, public speaking, life goals, managerial skills, organisational development, EFT, Business skills and life management. He has personally touched the lives of over 5000 people with live interventions, trainings and one to one sessions.

Uday is also working with children and youth as their coach, to make them confident. He helps people overcome their phobias and reach their peak. His personal mission is to inspire people so they live their life with passion and achieve excellence.


Brands to Brahm’ is how Hasnain likes to phrase his story. Fifteen years of working in the glitzy and creative world of advertising coupled with his freaky spiritual quest makes him a unique blend of some sort. You have to meet him to believe it.

It was while working on the biography of his guru Hzt. Roshan Shah Warsi that he managed to discover himself and experienced the real transformative power of Sufism (the creed of love). In 2013, Hasnain decided to quit his full time job and dedicate his second inning (Take 2) to people development and spreading the message of ‘Conscious Living’.

Hasnain is a certified Life Coach/Spiritual Coach, NLP, EFT, L&D professional. He helps corporates as a ‘Performance Consultant’, and individuals as a ‘Personal Coach’ too.

He has formed a group called ‘New Age Sufis’ which conducts talks, workshops and retreats to help people gain clarity about their true self and gives them a chance to experience the transformative power of Sufism; beyond music, chants and dance. As they say, ‘People are looking for the right thing, at wrong places’. New Age Sufis helps people get just that placement right.


Dr. Shivani Khetan is an Artist, Energetic Intuitive Healing Worker, and has been in the practice of Energy Healing for more than 14 years. She loves sharing powerful healing works for a better society – being humane.

She has been helping people to overcome their negative emotions and energies through positive actions, leading to an elated sense to develop their relationship management skills. She has been awarded with the Title Jyotish Bhushan and Jyotish Vibhushan for showing ways to help people reach their optimum potential of mind, body and soul, to bring serenity in their personal as well as professional life through Numerology, Tarot cards, Theta, Crystals & Reiki, Graphology and also work towards Balancing of the Chakras with Art, Meditation and Aromatherapy.

Art is integral part of her life, and working with children to overcome their fears and develop confidence with Art and Angel healing therapy. She has participated in many Art Exhibitions and received the people choice award for her last exhibition in Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. Her personal opinion is that the Tarot cards reflect the client’s current ‘energy state’, their thoughts, feelings, emotions, projections etc. which are busy creating their experience of life – like a snapshot of the current moment in time, with past influences and projections of ‘possibilities’ for the future.


Raman Suri is an ICF Approved Internationally Accredited Master Spirit Life Coach and Holistic Transformation Coach and has come a long way in her journey with six years of being in this profession. She has facilitated thousands of people from all walks of life to reach their goals in terms of transformation.

Raman Suri is a certified Timeline Technology practitioner and Access Consciousness Bars Trainer. She is also a Breakthrough Coach and Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift Practitioner. The other modalities she has been certified for are Emotional Feeling Technique and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

She has been felicitated with Confluence 2017 for her Outstanding Contribution towards Society and as the Face of the Year 2015 in Women Empowerment Category by Gates ETH Foundation.

In her endeavours in creating what she calls LifeStars, she continues to devote herself to her Clientele which includes Corporate Professionals, Actors, Models, Company Executives, CEOs, COOs, Small and Large Industries’ Owners and even Home Makers.It is her life’s purpose, passion and karma to facilitate people make their life better by exponentially melting down challenges and turning them into the greatest opportunities.