BAPU BAL MANDIR (Recognized Nursery & Primary School)

A Gandhian, social worker and an eminent freedom fighter, late Sri Braj Gopal Bhatia, established a Nursery and Primary School, in the name of Bapu in the Gandhi Centenary Year 1969, in a part of his residential building with the primary objective of imparting education to children of low-income groups, of families and of backward classes, without any discrimination, at the minimum possible expenses. Today, it has reached new heights, and it has more than 500 students enrolled.

From the beginning, the school has laid special emphasis more on values like disciplined life, Indian culture, truthfulness in all deeds, patriotism and hygiene, along with modern education as per the syllabus prescribed by the Government which also includes elementary computer skills. There are some donors who sponsor fee of some students coming from very poor families. The student are provided clean and peaceful atmosphere for studies from qualified teachers. You can see the feeling of pure bliss and gratitude on the face of  both the students and the staff. We appeal to you to help them function and AAGOSH could be of help here.

Today, the school is looked after by the Founder – Mr. Braj Gopal’s son Mr. Ramesh Bhatia, and his wife, along with a very dedicated staff. Mr Ramesh shifted from Delhi to Mathura in 1999 and has since then, devoted himself to looking after each and every need of the school. Both he and his wife treat the school as a “Temple of Saraswati” and a memorial of the founder of the school.


Established in 2007, Pragati Wheel School is functioning from a former cow shelter of a local farm, with children from the families of agricultural labourers growing vegetables and working in nurseries being the main beneficiaries. Today, the school provides basic education to over 300 children of the vicinity. The school today has children between the age group of 3 to 14 studying from classes- Nursery to High School.

The schools location contributes immensely to its success. Functioning from the river bed, it is in close proximity to the quarters of the families it is benefiting. Bringing education to their doorstep Pragati Wheel School is planning to bring about an attitudinal change towards the need for education and open windows of opportunity to these slum dwellers and helping them break the cycle of poverty and low self-esteem.

With its limited resources the school provides all its students :

  • Free text books
  • Exercise books
  • Stationery

The school is founded by two volunteers (Raman Khanna and Rishi Khanna) who not only established the school, but are also passionately leading same. Rishi Khanna joined the school in 2009 when he was looking for an organisation he could help, and in turn pay back to the society. He then came to know about Pragati Wheel school located in the Yamuna Basin of East Delhi. The attraction of being close to children along with nature is what got him hooked and since then there is no looking back. Today, he works full time for the school as a teacher, guide, administrator and care giver.

Raman Khanna joined Pragati wheel school in the capacity of a teacher; teaching English and Science to the students. This passion and devotion for the school has made him the school’s principal who works as a full time volunteer now.

Narayan Seva Sansthan

AAGOSH also donates to Narayan Seva Sansthan established in 1985, a charitable organisation based in Udaipur, Rajasthan. It is known for providing philanthropic services in the field of treatment and rehabilitation of polio affected people, without any discrimination.