If you are a passionate and devoted practitioner of the healing arts, we would love to collaborate with you! We, at Aagosh, are constantly looking at touching peoples lives and helping them come closer to their inner world of lasting peace. If you are gifted in healing people at a spiritual, mental or physical level, or an artist looking for collaboration , do let us know. We are looking at all possibilities, which meet Aagosh’s mission and may lead to mutual growth & development. Together, we can create a world where people are more and more aware of their true being.

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Aagosh is born to spread love, learning and celebration in the world. If you resonate with our vision and mission, we would love to hear from you

What’s more, you will also be entitled to attend Aagosh’s programmes at a discounted price. We also have in-house residential facility available for non-local candidates.

If serving the society calls your heart, we welcome you.

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